How to win at casino slot machines?

Slots (or pokies) are completely random, aren’t they?

There’s no chance to predict the outcome of the game. Or is there?

Let’s go into the matter a little deeper.

How to win at a Big Win casino?

Big Win casino

Casinos are a big draw. People can’t stop wondering how to win at a Big Win casino or any other gambling venue, be it a flashy noisy hall somewhere in Nevada or an alluring webpage inviting you to gamble straight from your cozy chair.

Big Win casinos, as the name suggests, guarantee their players higher and more frequent payouts than the others. These online casinos often feature progressive games – pokies connected to progressive networks across various platforms. Their jackpot pool is shared, that’s why it can reach considerable amounts. Progressive jackpots grow with every wager made on it until one lucky duck snatches it.

It’s more than pleasing to imagine yourself being the person who’s triggered the fortunate spin. However, the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are the same as winning a lottery, which is approximately 1 to 13 million, according to some sources.

That being said, there is an opinion that progressive jackpots are overestimated. They are promising but rare. Plus, players have to make maximum bets to be able to join the progressive pool.

And you’ve heard that common idea claiming that you have to bet big to win big, right? Let us tell you something: the size of the bet doesn’t matter to a pokie machine. If your budget is limited (and that’s not bad, it’s called being sensible), then you definitely shouldn’t fixate on progressive pokies.

Big Win casinos do not only pay out progressive jackpots. Try to go through the game collection and pick out the titles that have higher jackpots than the others. That’s already a good start. Find out if the casino has any Big Win stories and read the players’ feedback on themed forums, and portals.

Progressive pokies have lower RTPs in comparison to many other games on the market.

So, that’s another thing: look for slots with high RTPs (Return to Player Percentage). This is a percentage of each wager that a casino will have to return to players in the future. They say you should opt for the pokies with RTP not lower than 96%. These numbers are in no way a guarantee of huge cash prizes, though, as it takes thousands (and sometimes even millions) spins before the casino pays out the set percentage. High RTPs single out those slots that will pay a little more than the others.

There’s another feature that some pokie reviews cover: high or low slots volatility. Pokies with high volatility pay out rarely, but beautifully: with biggest cash prizes. Low volatile slots are the opposites: they reward their players more often, but with smaller amounts. Like everyone can identify themselves as a cat or a dog person, you will find gamblers playing only high volatility slots and the ones who will die for low volatility. Everybody chooses which tactic suits them better.

The only problem with the volatility parameter is how to calculate it. There are two options: empirical and pure trust. You either spend your time and money to analyze a pokie machine, frequency and amount of its payouts, or just believe other people posting this information in reviews, forums and blogs.

Can we increase the odds and win at pokies more often?

Online slots casino

There are a lot of common beliefs among gamblers. And we don’t mean superstitions. It’s not about whistling while gambling that you can’t do because it brings bad luck. We mean the pseudo-scientific ideas referring to probability theory and odds counting that gamblers often buy.

Online or offline slots are supposed to be random. If the platform is not a scam and the casino is licensed, that’s the case.

Pokies use computerized algorithms. The algorithms create chains of numbers that don’t depend on each other and have no pattern.

We guess everyone has come across a conception claiming that the more similar events happen in a row, the more likely it is for the opposite event to happen. If you’ve played the same pokie 10 times in a row and lost, it means that you are only getting closer to the win. So, the winning odds are increasing with every spin, and the pokie machine is getting “hotter”. This idea is based on Gambler’s Fallacy, aka Monte Carlo fallacy. We don’t want to disappoint you, but it is false.

Truly random events don’t depend on the subsequence of previous events. And the odds of you winning or losing every time you spin a pokie reel are not changing in time, they are always the same.

One more misleading thought is bigger bets – bigger prizes. It’s not always the case. Of course, we have to take into account the type of pokie you are playing. With 5-reel games the more you pay, the better – your bet size influences the number of activated paylines. Here the logic is simple: the more active lines, the more chances to hit one of them.

It’s always better to cover all the paylines. It may be hard to do with 5, 6, 7-reel pokies, but it’s much more affordable when you go for 3-reel classics.

However, if the number of paylines doesn’t depend on the amount you deposit, it won’t matter to the machine: have you wagered 10 cents or 1 dollar. Having just $5 in your pocket, you will spin the reels 5 times only with betting $1 each time. If you use smaller coin denominations, you will be able to spin the pokie 50 times. Which way, in your opinion, will increase your winning chances?

So, these are the things we can do for our own sake:

  • choose a reliable casino;
  • check all the important pokie parameters like RTP and volatility;
  • go through Big Win stories;

Basically, your objective must be to know as much about the game as possible.

The secret of effective pokies practice

Pokies secrets

Pokies are not skill-based games like poker or Blackjack. In card games, you have at least some influence. You might be a terrible player who has no idea what they are doing or an experienced one who counts cards. But what about pokies? What skills can make a difference in spinning the reel? Hopefully, not the ability to press the buttons?

Before you even push the “spin” button, do research on the game rules, multipliers and paylines. Every pokie has pay tables: study them before you start gambling. After you press the button, concentrate and note: what patterns appear most often and trigger bonuses. Which paylines are more beneficial?

What else can you do? Keep a cool head and control yourself. More on that in our last paragraph.

The weak spot in every poker machine

When we said that pokie machines are random, we were a little economical with the truth. Completely random things are not that easy to find, like anything absolute in our Universe.

Purely random can refer to the events that have no computers or algorithms behind them. As we all understand, that’s not pokies. They do have an algorithm. It is supposed to produce random numbers. However, it was created by humans which means it has a script. So, it’s been decided to call the casino number generators pseudo-random.

Is it possible to hack? Yes. As any other program or algorithm.

Can anyone do it? No.

It did happen once, though. In the USA casino, in 2014. A group of Russian programmers, mathematicians, and engineers had spent about 5 years digging in an old pokie machine trying to recreate the algorithm. And they did it! They even used their discovery to win some money in that casino, but, unfortunately, they were quickly spotted and stopped.

Do you have a highly professional team and 5 years to spare? Maybe you could replicate that Russian success.

Steps to win at casino pokies

Taking into account everything we’ve said before, the thing we can control when it comes to slots is our human nature: our greed, self-confidence, determination, and attentiveness.

So, here are our final tips on how we could help ourselves – not predict the winning odds but increase them by staying sensible when it’s the hardest – while gambling for money.

  1. Don’t be greedy. Be happy even with small winnings and know how to quit.
  2. Cash out as often as possible, even when the winnings look modest. Manage your budget: withdraw 50% and leave the other half for the next game.
  3. Don’t be overconfident: cover as many lines as possible and make small bets.
  4. Study the game, pokies mechanics, and paytables in advance.

We wish you the best of luck. Enjoy gambling and play responsibly.

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